Monday, July 05, 2010

Welcome to the Family, Natalie Anne

This little beauty is my brand new niece, she was born around 4 this morning. Another perfect little miracle for my little sis and her hubby. Can't wait to see her but it still doesn't make me want one of my own!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I Guess it's About That Time...

I have really been feeling like I need to blog lately but have been having a difficult time getting inspired to do so. Now that I’ve found other outlets for my twattish (I know that’s not a word either way, but if it was don’t you think it would have two t’s?) ranting and raving that are both stealthier and offer instant gratification the thought of actually blogging isn’t all that attractive anymore. It’s a shame, I guess, I enjoy writing and the more I do it the better it gets (and the foggier my brain isn’t). I guess I’ve reached the point where my readership is just a little too local and the things I want to rant about are a little too close to home. It gets kinda hard to want to vent about Real People when you look at the good ‘ol stat counter and see entry after entry of the same two or three IP’s from town - and they aren’t my mom, sister or aunt. So while I am completely aware that you can’t have a blog and then bitch when people read it, it does get a little weird when you’re essentially writing to someone who’s either a secret admirer or someone who hates you so much they have a sick obsession with you. Or a small audience comprised of both.

Anyways, whatever, let’s not be a blogger hypocrite, right? I’ve been busy, life’s been fucking awesome as usual and we’re making lotsa progress with the crap shack. Our relationship has never been better, we’re more in love than ever and our social life is exactly where I want it. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. Now, really, why would I care who knows that?

I guess there are a few noteworthy things going on. The biggest being that we are now without a roommate. The extra $$ was nice and all but the blissful silence of an empty house is priceless to us. We were lucky enough to have someone who was, for all intents and purposes, an awesome renter but we discovered pretty quick out of the gate that we just are NOT roommate people. As it turned out I thought I was a better person and a better friend than I actually am. In fact, I am a selfish dick and completely disinterested in the people around me other than my mom, my sister, my nephew and my husband (kidding! There’re a few others too. Like, at least 3 more). I want things my way, I don’t like to share and I just plain don’t give a fuck about peoples’ problems. I am pretty much completely uncompromising. And aside from feeling maybe a tiny spec of guilt I’m pretty much fine with it.

I guess things worked OK right off the bat because it wasn’t really OUR space yet, so it didn’t feel like it was being invaded or encroached upon. Once we finally got all our stuff moved, bought new appliances etc. it started to feel more and more like ours. Once our tenant spent over a month straight at home while he was out of work it really started to feel like our space - that had finally started to feel like ours - wasn’t ‘ours’ enough, or really respected quite enough.

Don’t get me wrong, our tenant wasn’t a bad person, a dick, a real jerk or anything like that. It’s just that if I was the one living in someone’s house and wasn’t working they would come home to washed dishes, clean common areas and things like that. It wasn’t that he was a pig and left the kitchen a disaster or anything like that, but little things started to add up and add up to the point of total frustration. Things like actually washing their own dishes AROUND other dirty dishes in the sink, or drying and putting them away while leaving other dry dishes in the rack. And if they did wash all the dishes or empty the dishwasher they would leave the clean dishes sitting on the stove, or piled on the counter, if they didn’t know where they went. So even though they were home alone all day and had ample time to go through every cupboard in the damn kitchen they, for some unknown reason, pretty much refused to learn where things went. But if they needed something they still managed to find it. After a while it becomes really difficult to not think stuff like that is done on purpose. And even if it isn’t once it’s established it’s out there, you can’t just stop noticing it.

A lot of what made the situation suck is the fact that the other person is totally, completely and absolutely incapable of taking a hint. He also does NOT like to be told what to do. So while I totally admit that I don’t like to ‘talk’ about shit and ‘communicate’ I do give excellent hints. I am not the kind of person who’s going to have a gay little talk with someone over every damn thing and I don’t think anyone should have to. I guess that’s because I am very susceptible to hints myself. Probably because I’m not a man. Also, it gets extra hard to be direct when you meet resistance and get excuses every time you try because they don’t like to be told what to do.

Anyways, let’s just stop this right now before it turns into rant city. Long story short - we tried it, it didn’t work, and we ended it (admittedly, in a slightly clumsy manner) before it completely ruined a friendship. Now we appreciate our home that much more and life is good. And we now have an adorable guest bedroom and bathroom as well as a wonderfully ventilated basement. Happy ending? I think so!

In work news - I fucking hate it here. I enjoy the money, I enjoy maybe 3 co workers on a good day, and that’s about it. This place is beyond fucked and to add to the pile of manure that is [insert workplace name here] we now potentially have a thief in our midst. We’ve had little chunks of money going missing for some time and once we got a proper till it stopped. Then a twenty went missing from my desk drawer. Then $300 dollars went missing between 10 am and 2 pm which means there’s pretty much no doubt that someone who works here is the culprit. As much as I dislike the majority of the people who work here I do have a pretty hard time imagining that any of them would actually steal from here. So it’s quite the mystery. I now have to lock up every scrap of money at night and at lunch time and I’ve even started putting the fundraising chocolate bars in the safe at night. Pretty fucking sad if you ask me.

Well, I guess that’s a sufficient brain dump for the time being. I’m sure my Constant Readers will be thrilled to see something new up when they swing by next time!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hello, Constant Reader!

Well, I suppose I should blog - seems like the thing to do. And I do feel I sorta owe it to my small group of local constant readers who still take the time to swing by daily to see if I’ve updated. They must be getting sick of making the effort only to find the same boring thing from 2 months ago. I don’t know who they are or why they check me everyday but nonetheless it’s appreciated and intriguing. I also don’t know what exactly THEY find so intriguing about ME. But, in all honesty, isn’t the point of having a blog for people to read it? Anyway, feel free to leave me a comment, intriguing constant readers; I’d love to know who you are!

So anyway, aside from my interesting local readership I don’t really have a lot to talk about. Our deal closed last month and we got our $$ so we’ve cut our mortgage by more than half and started the first of many big, messy renovations. We ripped a wall out in the living room and Nick rewired a bunch of stuff so we can have the TV mounted seamlessly above the fireplace all classy like. We now have a little less nasty textured wallboard, a little less cork tile and no more nasty smelling insulation. I actually prefer the bare studs to those gross things. Nick started drywalling so maybe by the end on the month we’ll have a fully functioning, normal looking wall. We also painted the hall way and replaced all the icky discoloured ‘things’, like the door bell ‘thing’, the thermostat and the smoke detector. It’s crazy how much of a difference little things like that make. Some day I may even past some before and after pics, I’m sure my ‘fans’ would love to see those!

We also decided that since we’re all rich and shit now we should probably have a toy, so we bought a Rhino. I guess as far as toys go it’s a pretty practical choice and I’m sure it’ll be fun. Nick also bought a truck to replace the ‘garbage truck’ which will hopefully mean he will use it as his daily driver and we can sell the poor ‘ol garbage truck and his aging Corolla. I would most enjoy a paring down of our ‘fleet’. So now we just have to finish up all the things we want to get done in the house so we can spend the warm months out in the bush playing with our toys. My, that certainly sounds dirty doesn’t it!

Other than all the awesome home stuff the only thing that’s really been going on is the not at all awesome work stuff. This place has really been getting to me the last little while. It’s actually really fucking frustrating. I hate watching a place like this take a gigantic nose dive when the problems are so crystal clear and oh so fixable. And it almost seems like the people most responsible for the problems are actually fucking proud of it. Like lending a hand in running one of the oldest businesses in Dodge into the ground makes them super cool hot shit. It’s sad and it’s pathetic and I am in the position where I need to decide between riding it out (for as long as it can last, which is starting to seem like not very) for the attractive remuneration or making a big change. Unfortunately I have certain goals that depend too heavily on money to be able to justify switching jobs until I have to. In a perfect world this place will hold on it a death knell for the next three years or so and then once it finally gives that last pathetic little shudder it’ll be more of that perfect timing I’ve enjoyed so much and I’ll simply go do something menial and fun whilst trying to get knocked up. That would be most good.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Humbled :: Pie
2. Buns :: Weiners
3. Snowstorm :: Snowman
4. Sweetheart :: Sammi
5. Punch:: Out
6. Glass :: Jaw
7. Classical :: Music
8. Heels :: Stilletto
9. Twitter :: Dana White
10. Husband :: Nipples

Haven't done one of these in a while so I thought I'd try one while I was half cut after UFC. Too drunk to post the link so this'll be it.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

To Hell With 'The Recession'

We sold our house. It was on the market for exactly one month before we received an offer. The offer was fair, they accepted our counter and that was that. No stress, no difficult decisions, just a few initials and we ended up getting 5 grand over the high end of what we were told we could expect. And this was in December which is generally the slowest time of year for real estate. I could not be happier with the way things went.

Everything has worked out perfectly with this whole thing. We did what we thought was right and it paid off, which is such as awesome feeling. Nick’s dad told us we should rent it out for the winter, do the siding and windows in the spring and THEN list it. I am so glad we went with our guts and listed immediately or I just know we would end up having to replace a furnace or something like that in the meantime and I honestly think that if we invested the money in windows and siding we would be lucky if we recovered it, there wouldn’t be a profit in it - and our realtor echoed those sentiments. So cleaning it up and only having to pay a few months of mortgage and utility payments was so much easier to swallow than worrying about renters and everything else for an extra six months, then having the stress and expense of doing major exterior renovations. All the while having our new ugly house in need of it’s own renos. This way it’s just done, we walk away with a very tidy sum in our pockets and now we can start making all our dreams come true in the new. Starting with a new bed and new appliances. And as soon as those beautiful new appliances are in the kitchen I’m going ‘Office Space’ on the old dishwasher.

Having it done and gone so fast would actually be worth losing a little money, truth be told. I really don’t feel we took a loss at all but even if we could have held out say three months and made an extra 5 or 10 thousand - even 15 - I would rather sell now for what we did get. We were in a position where the word ‘loss’ really doesn’t come into effect because our timing was so dead on we could never, ever lose money on the deal. And I really feel that it doesn’t pay to be greedy when you’re in that kind of position. When you start to consider the expense of keeping the house vs. the extra amount we could have got for it next year then the margin really gets so thin it just would not even remotely be worth it. And then if something happens like a furnace crapping out or a picture window getting broken the margin completely disappears. Even the money we could have made using it as a rental just would not be worth the stress in my opinion. Money really isn’t everything so why tempt fate for a few extra beans?

I know it sounds like I’m bragging but I really fucking love our life. It’s probably bad ju ju to say it but everything has a way of working out perfectly for us. I’ve thought this for a long time and I actually said it out loud to Nick for the first time a few nights ago and he feels the same way. I don’t know if it’s luck or just being smart, it’s probably a mix of the two, but our timing and our decisions are always right on the money. I hope I didn’t jinx us but I just can’t believe how amazingly perfect our life together has been. I think the biggest factor in everything has really been timing. Everything from when we got back together to buying our first house to getting married to buying the second one and selling the first has just had the absolute perfect timing. It’s definitely all about timing Oh ya, and love, that’s pretty dang important too but that goes without saying, if love isn’t there then timing wouldn’t mean shit. You just can’t force things that aren’t ready to happen is my point.

So now we get to go on a little spending spree, I’m getting a fancy newer vehicle and we’re going on a trip (or two) next year. Then we’ll bank the rest of our money, slowly plug away at the renovations we need to do and then plop a big sum down on our mortgage on it’s one year anniversary. Yep, 2009 was pretty great but 2010 is going to be awesome.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Step Closer

Well our house is officially on the market. It’s all pretty and clean and staged, just sitting there waiting for someone to see it and fall in love with it. Or for someone who’s desperate and in a hurry, quite frankly I don’t really care which. In any case it looks amazing if I do say so. I am actually extremely proud of us, everything came together so well and the result was something that looks so good it actually surprised me, and our realtor. The listing price he gave us was not what I expected but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. If we get anywhere even close to that I just may have to defecate a bullion mass. I imagine one could find the listing online if they looked hard enough. Although I should mention that I’m not particularly happy with the pictures they used. But it is very hard to get the right angles when taking pictures of a smallish house.

I am really experiencing a combination of slightly numb emotions with this whole thing. The first day we moved into our new house I went back and forth between feeling super excited about our new (huge!) project and thinking that we had made a (huge!) mistake. It’s been the same wave since, sometimes I’ll look at something in the new place and think, man, that’s going to look so awesome when we paint it/replace it etc. And other times I look at something else and think, man, I really miss the old place; it was so much cleaner/prettier etc. So it’s really been up and down for me. I think once all our stuff from the old place is in the new one (it’s still there for staging) it will feel more like home but until then it kinda feels like we’re squatting in some random, dirty and ugly house. And when the day comes where I walk through the door and smell ‘our smell’ instead of the gross ‘heavy smokers apartment smell’ that still lingers it will also seem more ‘ours’. And something tells me that won’t happen for a while.

Our realtor just called, they’re showing the house at 5 today. If we see an offer in the first week I think I just may pee my pants in excitement.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Done Like Dinner

It was been quite the hectic past few weeks. We moved, we painted, we scrubbed and now the end is finally in sight. Barring any unforeseen catastrophes we should be able to list our house, like, today. I am so glad all this crap is done.

We managed to clear the bulk of our stuff out of the old place on Halloween weekend and we have been staying at the new one since that first night. I wish I could say we threw the door open to our new home and were greeted by the smell of freshly scrubbed walls and shampooed carpets with a gift basket on the sparking clean kitchen counter from the previous owners congratulating us on our new home and wishing us as much happiness there as they had. I wish. Instead we walked into a completely filthy place that smelled like the grossest old apartment you’ve ever lived in, every single corner has dings and gauges out of them from carelessly moved furniture and the toilet in the master bath was literally the dirtiest one I have ever seen in my life. Ever. The whole place was filthy; it looked like they had not cleaned anything since the day they found out it was sold. It was so disgusting and needless to say that kinda takes the wind out of your sails when you’ve just paid over a quarter of a million dollars for a place.

They were even ignorant enough to leave behind a bunch of junk and furniture. Including a pink vibrating chair. Seriously. They also left two big, heavy, old dressers, a large and broken computer desk, a busted reclining love seat, some nasty old underpants and a gross old lady negligee. Seriously. Nasty briefs under the vanity in the bathroom and lingerie hanging on the back of the bedroom door. Shows how diligently they cleaned the place before we took possession. There was also a good two or three truck loads full of junk under the deck and in the garages. Pretty ignorant if you ask me. Our realtor actually said it was the worst he’s seen in the last two or three years. On the bright side he did have the garbage hauled away and agreed to foot the bill for carpet cleaning. But still. Yuck.

But back to the toilet for a moment. I don’t even know how a toilet gets to be like that. Like I can’t even fathom what one would have to do to create that kind of grub, scum, slime - whatever it is. The only thing I can figure is not flushing for days (weeks?) at a time and never EVER cleaning it. I should have taken a picture but was in total shock over how bad it was I just wanted in clean. I guess when you’re looking at a place you really don’t think to look under the toilet seats (FYI, when you look at a house, look under the toilet seats) so it very well could have been like that both times we looked at it. I know it’s not like a dirty toilet would stop you from buying the house but it does speak to the maintenance of the place. If they couldn’t be bothered to swirl a brush around the toilet bowl every few weeks then they probably weren’t too diligent with cleaning the furnace and stuff like that either. Just something to consider.

I would be so embarrassed to leave my house - my fucking home - like that. We may have bought through a realtor but their name is still on the contract, we still know who they are and it’s a small town. I would think that if nothing else people would be too embarrassed to leave somewhere they called home looking like that. I guess I just have more pride than that. Our old house was our home, it was OURS. I can’t imagine that just meaning nothing to us because the ink dried on the contract. I couldn’t even leave an apartment like that in good conscience.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Because we're moving tomorrow.

The hood of that truck has 8 and a half inches of snow on it. And the snow is wet and heavy so we've probably got a lot more than that. Lovely. If we weren't moving this weekend then it would be 20 degrees and sunny.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Being a Grown Up is 'spensive

Well, looks like I crapped out with ze blogging again. Oh well, at least this time it’s because I’ve been really busy rather than just tired and uninspired.

On October the 31st at noon o’ the clock we will officially be the proud owners of such wonders as:

- Stair cases, inside the house
- Multiple toilets, one in striking faux marble
- Multiple garages
- An adorable little fenced vegetable garden
- A yard specifically set up for a dog. Or several
- A hedge
- Two fireplaces. Real ones. Ones that don’t need to be plugged in. Ones you can actually burn things in
- And more wood paneling than one would ever hope to see in their lifetime

We kinda sorta bought another house. In just kinda sorta happened. We weren’t intending to buy a new house, we certainly aren’t ready for a second house considering that right now Nick is kinda sorta unemployed (he’s going to school until mid November) but it seems like opportunity picks the most inopportune times to knock. We were planning on finishing our renos and thinking about a new place in a few years. We were both to the point where we were so bored with our current house, knowing that you aren’t going to stay somewhere and having that RESALE cloud hanging over every improvement you do makes it so hard to get excited about anything, it’s just boring and very unfulfilling. We talked about what style of house we liked and we would drive around looking at houses quite often, so we knew exactly what we wanted. Then one day we drove by a house that was exactly what we wanted, and there just so happened to be a For Sale sign in the front yard.

The next thing you know we called our realtor - just to get an idea of what our house is worth and what sort of improvements we would have to do before we could sell it. Ya know, just for curiosity’s sake. He said that all he would recommend is the finishing touches; clean it up and trim it up. Then he told us what we could expect to get for it and we were suddenly no longer thinking a few years in the future. Wow. So we thought, what the heck, let’s go take a peek at that ugly bi level on the hill that caught our attention and started this whole crazy thing in motion. So one sunny September Saturday we met our realtor at the house and took a peek.

Well. It is one ugly domicile. Which is why it has been on the market forever and why the price was so reasonable. People are lazy and most are unable to see past things like wallboard with a bizarre texture and semi gloss terra cotta coloured paint, gold veined stick on tiles, purple counter tops, an ensuite with faux marble fixtures and a basement that’s a veritable maze of wood paneling. Well, thank god for lazy people because while this house may be a tad visually disturbing it’s also exactly what we want - rock solid in all the places that matter, the layout we wanted and the sky is the limit with what we can do with it. Nothing needs to be done, it’s perfectly liveable, it’s just ugly. And it was a good price in a market that’s set to sky rocket. It’s the project we weren’t looking for but couldn’t pass up.

So suddenly we’re in our realtor’s office offering and signing and initialling away. We were in the bank to see if we can carry two mortgages until we sell our current place. Turns out we’re gold, we had the cash for a down payment and with so much equity in the old place everything was A OK. Before we knew it we were shaking our realtor’s hand and it was done like dinner. We now have two mortgages (and one income, temporarily).

Now we’re in the midst of a home improvement frenzy so we can get our house listed before the snow really starts to fly. Well, until the snow sticks around anyway, it’s flying like crazy right now. There are boxes everywhere; life’s been turned completely upside down. And it’s great! As long as our house sells quickly and we don’t have to have it sitting empty for too long everything will be perfect. A friend of ours was looking for a place to stay until he can buy a house so we offered him the basement and he jumped at the chance to get out of his apartment. So we will have a little extra income to help with the multiple mortgages, which is nice. Plus he’s a good guy, quiet and respectful, so I think it will be fine having him inhabit a corner of the basement.

So ya, that’s what’s been going on. It’s pretty crazy and I’m starting to get excited. The only thing I’m nervous about it trying to sell so late in the year. I just hope our old place has enough going for it that someone will snap it up quick. I think it will. I hope by Christmas it will be gone, fingers grossed. It just goes to show that the best deals come along when you aren’t looking.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I guess it's probably wrong to find this funny but yes, I am that kind of person.

So if you're bored and enjoy judging people solely on their appearance you should really check out The People of Wal Mart.